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Mass Casualty preparadness, Paris - SFMC



Mass Casualty preparadness, Paris

Présentation de la manifestation

Lessons Learnt from Recent Terror Incidents

Maison de la Chimie, Paris
30 November – 01 December 2017

 Thursday, 30th November
9.00-9.20             Welcome and Introduction (S. Salvagno and H. Veen)
9.20-10.00          The first incident in Europe’s heart: Paris, 13th November 2015 (O. Barbier)
Complex issues in major incidences of terrorist origin
10.00-10.40       Triage protocols at WHO and ICRC. The role of outcomes measurement                                            (T. Reynolds and N. Pita De Olim)

10.40-11.00       Break

11.00-11.40       The terrorist incident in Brussels (S. Nijs)
11.40-12.10       CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear) risk management (S. Bland)
12.10-12.40       Forum: How to identify and manage risks for caregivers? (O. Merin, P. Mahoney, S. Bland, D. Nott, L. Mathieu)

12.40-13.40       Lunch break

Lessons learned and consensus on appropriate surgical treatments
13.40-14.10       The terrorist incidence in Oslo (P. Naess)
14.10-14.50       The terrorist incident in London (H. Patel)
14.50-15.30       The terrorist incident in Manchester (A. Shoaib)
15.30-16.10       DCO – Damage Control Orthopaedics (E. Bar-On)

16.10-16.30       Break

Terrorist attacks with different means: how to manage and get prepared
16.30-17.10       The terrorist incident in Nice  (JF. Gonzalez)
17.10-17.50       Experiences from Israel: how to address specific pathologies  (O. Merin)
17.50-18.15       Forum: managing the ethical dilemma
(O. Merin (moderator), H. Basmajian, JF. Gonzalez, H. Patel)

Friday, 1st December

Pre-hospital management and triage: the role of the first wave of rescue
8.30-9.10    Shooting in San Bernardino: mass casualty management and preparedness in the U.S. (H. Basmajian)
9.10-9.50    Department of Health guidance and support for citizens’ training and preparation                    (P. Mahoney)
9.50-10.20  Forum: How forward should emergency service be?
(T.Wilp (moderator), P. Mahoney, M. De Pellegrin, O. Barbier)

10.20-10.40       Break

Mass casualty preparedness: practices from the world
10.40-11.10       The French “Plan Blanc” conception and implementation      (O. Barbier)
11.10-11.40       San Raffaele University Hospital: specific emergency protocols for pediatric patients (M. De Pellegrin)
11.40-12.10       WHO Regional Office for Europe Initiative (K. Von Harbou)

12.10-13.10       Lunch break

“Train the Trainer” approach and the role of high technology
13.10-14.00       High technology diagnostics in mass casualties (D. Nott)
14.00-14.30       Train the Trainer initiatives (A. Ziv)
14.30-14.50       Break

Patients’ distribution dilemma: centralised point of care or trauma network?
14.50-15.20       Major Incident Hospital (M. de Jong)
15.20-15.50       Forum: Consensus on patients’ distribution (I. Nieuwenhuijse, S. Nijs, K. Von Harbou, L. Mathieu)
15.50-16.00       Wrap up of the event


30 novembre 2017


Maison de la Chimie
28 Rue Saint-Dominique
75007 Paris