Founded in 1983 by those which two years before had set up for the first time in France and Europe a university education of medicine of catastrophe, the French Society of Medicine of Catastrophe (S.F.M.C.) aims to join together within a learned society all those which are concerned with the prevention and the management of the catastrophes: actors of ground, persons in charge administrative and technical, competences and goodwill coming from different backgrounds.

Since nearly 25 years, in its writings and its work, its conferences and meetings, which are as many occasions of technical acquisition and research, know-how and experience sharing, the S.F.M.C. contributed to the assertion of the concept of medicine of catastrophe both in France and abroad.

The S.F.M.C. gathers today approximately 700 French and foreign regular members, doctors, ancillary medical, pharmacists, veterinary surgeons, personnel of the first-aid organizations, administrators of health, personnel of the communities, persons in charge for services of safety and prevention, members of associations. It opened with international, admitting particularly foreign members.